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I believe all women have a fully expressed, wild and creative essential self inside. I’ve named mine Ruby Ray. But, sadly, I spent most of my life trying to smother her out, because she was “too much,” she was “unrealistic,” and she just didn’t meet others’ expectations of what should be.

Sound familiar? I thought so. (Warning: quick story ahead!)

Growing up, I learned it was easier to be accepted when I molded myself to what others wanted. So, little by little, I traded in Ruby’s precious guidance for fear-based programming and an externally-motivated life. And it worked, in some senses. For example, it helped me get to Duke (where I graduated with a degree in statistical science) and after that to Google. And it helped me create a prestigious role at YouTube writing speeches and thought leadership articles for C-level executives at the biggest brands and advertising agencies in the world. Shutting Ruby out let me live an impressive, interesting life on paper. But the cost of sacrificing my truth was my time, my heart, my joy, and my soul.

Fast forward several years of questioning, lots of yoga, one coach certification, and one near-death experience later, and I found myself at a critical juncture, just as you may be facing right now. I was simultaneously numb and hurting, exhausted, irritable, and my skin was a disaster. I was hanging on to my health and sanity by just a thread. By pure grace, I was able to listen to and really hear Ruby then. And she reflected back to me my own divinity, the gift of my essence. What I saw was so clear and so stunning that I chose to fully give myself over to the call to come alive, no matter what it would take. And I haven’t looked back since.

Today I’m living a life I thoroughly and passionately love (even the hard parts), in a soul-powered partnership, participating in communities that light my fire, and doing work that brings me a deep sense of meaning.

And now I’m appearing before you because it’s your turn to come alive and it’s my mission to support you and your soul’s agenda. Are you ready to play ball?


You don’t have to go far for advice. Everyone out there -- your dearest girlfriend, your boss, your mom -- has an opinion about what’s best for you. If you ask (and even if you don’t), someone will always tell you how you can do more and be “better.” And that’s doubly true of yourself, because over the years you’ve internalized layer upon layer of many people’s beliefs and expectations. As a result, you can’t see your own blind spots. So “self help” is of no help either.

I’m not here to be another person telling you what to do, because that’s the last thing you need. Neither am I here to fix you, because no matter what you’ve been told or tell yourself, you were never broken. I am simply here to hold up a clean, unbiased mirror so you can see who you really are and who you’re not; what you want and what’s in the way; where you’re acting from conditioning and what it would look like to act from your essence. All so that you can come alive to your divinity and live a life you passionately love.

I’m trained to do this as an ontological coach (ontology = the study of being), certified through Accomplishment Coaching, a rigorous, ICF-accredited, year-long leadership and coach training program. I also have hundreds of hours of training in holding space for people through the Yoga Alliance and years of mindfulness practice under my belt. And the reason all of that is important is because it allows me to provide a squeaky clean mirror for you. I won’t give you therapy and I won’t give you advice or tell you what to do. Instead you can expect from me powerful questions, bold-but-nonjudgemental reflections, and teachings and perspectives from multiple traditions to consider, all in service of YOUR agenda and to guide you to YOUR truth. That’s my coaching philosophy, and that’s what you can count on me for.


“When I think of my partnership with Ekat I think of her as a real-life good luck charm (or my very own Glinda, the good witch).  But instead of relying on others for magic, she has helped me understand that I can create my very own.  She has given me tools that have enabled me to manifest the life that I truly and uniquely want to live, which turns out to be the best gift I have ever given myself.”

- Jennifer, San Francisco

"Ekat is helping me find the empowered, badass, ‘world is my oyster’ person that I’ve always been. She’s a provocative and supportive co-creator."

- Sarah, San Francisco

“Partnering with Ekat has expanded my possibilities and created huge shifts across my life. I started off completely focused on making a change in my career, but have gained so much more than that. I look forward to my session every week!”

- Meg, San Francisco



My clients are driven, high-achieving, successful women who work primarily in the tech, wellness, and creative industries. They are busy, adventurous creators with big dreams who get shit done. Sound like you? If so, here’s what I’m currently offering:

My personal leadership coaching is designed for those women who are committed to completely transforming their lives in a once-and-for-all way. Through my 1:1 coaching track called XPRESS, over the course of six months we partner to discover your essence and reconcile apparent paradoxes — balance and pace, surrender and drive, inner peace and fearless passion, loving what is and creating what can be — to step into true power and flow and manifest the life that’s yours alone to live. Drop me a line to find out what XPRESS could make possible for you.

My international women’s retreats are designed to be immersive, intensive, embodied experiences of coming alive, with powerful group coaching, yoga, sound healing, body work, and ecstatic dance. Drop me a line to be the first to know when the next retreat opens.


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