Shall we flow?

Like so many women, I came to yoga (over a decade ago) through the physical limb of hatha yoga, and I came to hatha yoga for relatively superficial reasons. With its focus on both strength and flexibility, I found it to be good conditioning for my ballet practice. It was a great workout. And I liked having an excuse to wear yoga pants on the regular.

I had no idea my understanding of yoga would eventually expand to encompass life itself and then rock my world so hard I’d end up dismantling and rebuilding it as if from scratch. But that’s what happened, because yoga awakened me to every thing, every situation, and every person, including myself, as Divinity Herself, in no need of fixing. And that was a game-changer, to say the least. So much so that I had to share it with the world.

I believe every woman holds the key to her own divine awakening, and the yoga tradition, like coaching, is replete with tools to help us find and use that key. I teach vinyasa flow, because to me it’s a celebratory, moving meditation on the wonder of divinity as embodiment. And I’d love to practice with you sometime.





7:30 - 8:30am

Power Flow

Yoga Tree Hayes


4:30 - 5:45PM

all-levels vinyasa

Yoga Tree stanyan


3:15 - 4:30pm

All-Levels Vinyasa

Yoga Tree Hayes